For many of us, family is a top priority. We love and care for our families from the moment we are born. When we were kids, it was our parents who took care of our every need. They provided us with all the necessities for basic survival and all the provisions to feel loved and grow up to be responsible human beings.   

As time goes by, you age and so do our parents. As you gradually become preoccupied with your daily routines, families, jobs, and other responsibilities, your parents will be reaching their golden years. To give them the care they deserve, it is often recommended to help them move into a retirement home wherein they can be properly cared for, unwind and interact with different kinds of people. 

At Your Next Steps, we understand how vital and stressful it can be to find the best retirement home for your loved ones. Naturally, you will have their health and happiness in mind when choosing one, but which one is truly the best? To help you answer your question, we have compiled 10 of the top retirement homes in Toronto. With these top-notch retirement homes, you can rest assured that the senior citizens in your life will be in good hands. 

A retirement home staff member assisting two elderly women

1. Integracare

Established in 1990, this retirement home specializes in a wide range of private home nursing and home health care in hospitals, retirement residences, and long term care facilities. Their services include general nursing care such as RPNs, dementia care, palliative care, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. Their services encompass all levels of nursing care while building an environment of respect, dignity, and personal development.

 2. Dunfield Retirement Residence

With Dunfield Retirement Residence’s unique living concept, your loved ones will feel completely at ease. With elegant suites and activities, such as fine dining and swimming, retirement will feel like a dream. 

 3. Tapestry at Village Gate West

This amazing retirement home values the importance of independence and personal choice. They provide various programs that promote the health of the mind, body, and spirit, keeping people vibrant and young at heart. The close-knit community enjoys an excellent arrangement of fine dining choices, health, wellness, travel, and fitness activities

4. Schlegel Villages

The Schlegel Villages is a chain of retirement home facilities with exquisite aesthetics. They specialize in assisted care, memory care, and long term care and take pride in their friendly and professional team of nursing staff. 

 5. Revera Bradgate Arms

Situated in the heart of Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood is the sophisticated Revera Bradgate Arms. Their luxurious suites, professional healthcare,  concierge services, high teas, and limo services will make retirement feel like a vacation.

A caretaker assisting an elderly woman with a walker

6. Forestview Retirement Residence

Forestview Retirement Residence has been providing top tier health and retirement services for 40 years and counting. Overlooking a lush green belt, this park inspired setting is a refreshing breath of fresh air that can bring residents a closer connection with nature

7. New Horizons Tower

New Horizons Tower prioritizes love, hope, and faith as the foundation of its establishment. With gracious fine dining, new suites, and lounges, the residents will be treated like royalty.

 8. Hazelton Place Retirement Residence

Hazelton Place Retirement Residence offers both independent and assisted living. Their 24-hour nursing staff services, exquisite suites, kitchenette, entertainment, library, gym, hair salon, spa, and recreational activities will make residents feel right at home.

 9. Metta Lifestyles Queens Estate Retirement

This great retirement community is dedicated to compassion, safety, and personalized care. They constantly strive to build an environment that’s focused on high-quality care, respect, dignity, and security. Moreover, they aim to help residences live a healthy and active lifestyle.

 10. Chartwell Lansing Retirement Residence

Chartwell Lansing Retirement Residence is centred around making people’s lives better by offering independent living, assisted living, memory care, and long term care. Additionally, they provide safe and rewarding lifestyles that residents can be proud to call home.

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