Content & Estate Sales

A Content Sale or Estate Sale is the part of the process where we will arrange to have an auction held at your home to help in selling your items and contents that you are ready to break free from.

Content Sale, Estate Sale Service in the Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and GTA

Advantages of Content or Estate Sales in The Greater Toronto Area

  • The auction is held and handled at you or your loved ones home (this allows you to have a handle on what is going on throughout the entire process).
  • Easier to market and get potential buyers. At a content sale, first come first serve on products (pay the listed price) whereas an auction forces bidding wars which people prefer to avoid if possible.
  • Content sales are generally opened and closed within the same day. This means you will see a quicker profit.

Auctioning is an option for homes that have many valuable items. Our friends at Sell My Stuff Canada have had great success in clearing out homes while maximizing our clients’ profits in a timely matter.

Older homes often have old teak and walnut furniture that manufacturers aren’t using anymore. These items can be of great value, so donating or throwing them out should be our last option. Homes with valuable electronics, antique furniture, motorized vehicles and gadgets all have a high sales potential. Sell My Stuff Canada have years of experience in helping assess value to determine if an auction is the best strategy for clearing out a home.

Content Sale Process

1. Initial consultation

The initial consultation is a complimentary meeting at your house where your home contents will be reviewed and suggestions will be made regarding pricing and other items in order for the sale to happen. Time constraints and financial goals will also be discussed, along with compensation. This is then put into a detailed contract.

2. Appraisal / Pricing

All of your items and goods will be reviewed and researched to ensure that a fair market value is received when your items are sold. Appraisal and pricing services include (but are not limited) to research, documentation and photography on items you are prepared to sell. We ensure your goods have been properly appraised by experts to consider the condition and historical value. Our goal is to maximize the profits on your contents. You also will have the ability to set a minimum price for any of your items and if that price is not received, the item is kept for you to make a decision on.

3. Preparing for the Sale

Any necessary items needed for the sale such as clothing racks, shelves, display cases, tables, packing materials, etc. will be provided at no extra charge to make the sale more accessible and attractive to your potential buyers. Your items will also be posted to the website.

4. Advertising the Sale

Your contents sales will be heavily marketed to attract the most qualified potential buyers for your items. Ads will be placed in magazines, newspapers and online! Signs will be displayed in close proximity to the sale and potential buyers such as collectors will be contacted. Also, an extensive email list will be notified of the upcoming sale!

5. The Day of the Sale

The Sell My Stuff team will arrive and greet your customers that are waiting excited for the sale to start. Last minute preparation items will be finalized and the team lead will designate staff members to areas throughout the house to collect money, assist customers and prevent stealing. The team will police the number of customers in the home to ensure order is in place. Start the selling process!

6. After the Sale

If arrangements have been made in the contract, we will ensure your house is cleaned up and all leftover items that are unwanted are removed from the house. If requested, your items can be donated to a local charity of your choice or taken to a legal dump for appropriate disposal. We can even help you with packing and storage. Our goal is to ensure the house is presentable for the next step in the selling process! You will be left with a copy of the sign-off sheet and your percentage of the sales. Same day cash in hand!

More About Donating

Donating is a preferred step for many of our customers; We like to recycle and help out new families, underprivileged individuals and new Canadians when we can. We are happy to have Furniture Bank as of our chosen organization (however this is up to you). Large beds, couches, hutches, kitchen tables and alike can be of great use to a bigger family that cannot afford to furnish their new home the way they would like. Clothing and housewares are often taken by families as they often need things for their first home!

Over the years we’ve received multiple thank you cards from people that have benefited from the generosity of our clients; this part of the process can literally change lives. There are also plenty of keepsakes and items of sentimental value that family members will keep for generations to come and that have been passed down from generations before them, we will work with you to find a place for them. Donations programs are organized and paid for by Your Next Steps.

More About Garbage Removal

Garbage removal is the last step in clearing out the home. At this point in the process, we will have all of our important items packed, stored or put off to the side while we determine what items are of no use or desire to either family members, members of the community or purchased at our auction. We use a variety of companies when removing your unwanted items based on location, size of loads and homeowner preferences. We understand that the process of removing items may be very difficult after years of collecting. We make sure that the utmost care is provided during the entire process. Our team will be involved onsite for initial meetings and chosen removal dates to help with the emotional and mental needs of a client.