Residential Sale

Residential Home Sale with Senior Real Estate Specialists in Toronto

Selling you or your loved one’s home for the greatest profit is our number one objective during a time of senior relocation. All of the home preparation in the world counts for nothing if you do not have a seasoned, professional real estate agent to properly negotiate a deal.

Our sales representatives at Your Next Steps Inc. are award-winning agents in the top 2-3% of all agents in Canada. Our top producing real estate agents have decades of experience with selling homes of all types and have built relationships with other agents produce successful transactions.

Certified Senior Real Estate Specialists

Our team at Your Next StepsInc. are SRES certified, also known as ‘Senior Real Estate Specialists’. This means we are educated and experienced in assisting seniors in the sale of their home and successfully moving into a new residence they are both happy and proud to call home. As SRES salespeople we understand the different mental and physical capabilities of our clients. Knowing and respecting their wishes for the sales conduct is followed very closely.

The listing process is a fine-tuned strategy that is particular to each city, each neighbourhood and each home. No two strategies are the same. Depending on the climate of the real estate market at the particular time of sale we will adjust our pricing and target to meet the expectations of the potential buyers.

Home Sale Process for Seniors

During the home sale process, we find it easiest for all parties to have elderly clients stay with family, friends or to have moved to their new residence to allow for frequent showings on the homes. The homeowners may not be used to having strangers in his or her house and the regular showings may disrupt the comforting environment they built for themselves over the years.

Once an offer has been made on the property, we will begin to consult with the homeowners and in some cases their appointed ‘POA’. Often children will be involved to help them make the decision that suits the homeowner best.

In most cases, the client’s children are involved in the final decision on price and closing dates and conditions. Together with the family’s lawyer, an agreement of purchase and sale is agreed upon and the next steps are carried out.

A Full Service Home Selling Experience

As Senior Real Estate Specialists we provide constant one on one care for our homeowners throughout the entire process. We are there 100% of the time to make sure that our clients feel like they can depend on us for anything. Events we often accompany our clients to include; lawyer’s meetings, nursing home visits, bank appointments and moving day.

Often our client’s family members live a distance away, we at Your Next Steps Inc. can act in your place for both emotional and physical support depending on the individual situation. Thanks to today’s technology, we can video conference in family members that are unable to be present at appointments.

There’s nothing we won’t do to make sure that you or your loved ones are taken care of in the best way possible. We promise top dollar for your home and successful closings because real estate is one of the jobs we do best.

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