Your Next Steps started as an idea among three compassionate women who all had parents in their sixties and seventies who still lived in the homes theyYour Next Steps Team raised their families in. The women realized that one day it would be their responsibility to make decisions on where their parents would move, what items they would need to keep and dispose of and how the sale of that home would be handled. The women decided it would be best if there was a company that handled everything relating to senior relocation, from A to Z and Your Next Steps Inc. was born.

Your Next Steps is a full-service senior downsizing company that’s foundation is built on hard work, compassionate care and the core value of giving back to one’s community.

Danielle Demerino - YNS

Danielle Demerino

Danielle is an award winning and certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) who has over 10 of years experience in preparing and selling homes of all different kinds. Danielle’s honest, compassionate and determined approach make her one of the top 3% of Realtors nationwide. “Our mission is to not only help those in need of our services, but to give back to our local and international organizations in need of support. Charity sits at the heart of who we are”.

Brittany Huggins - YNS

Brittany Huggins

Brittany is a professional organizer and project manager who has over 13 years of experience in customer service. She gained many skills over the years that ensure she will get the job done right and on time! Brittany prides herself on creating a comfortable and joyful environment for her clients and their loved ones. She believes in hard and honest work; her compassionate personality makes even the most hesitant clients happy to take the next steps.

Kate Whitehead - YNS

Kate Whitehead

Kate is an enthusiastic health care professional with over 15 years of experience in occupational therapy; more specifically, home safety, cognition and mobility assessments. Kate’s compassionate and understanding attitude has guided her in her ability to assist in making critical life decisions based on the client’s safety and care needs. Often in need of equipment and resources outside the traditional realm of work, she goes the extra mile to make sure her client’s are well taken care of.