Packing & Storage Solutions for Seniors

Packing and storing items is a necessary component of cleaning and clearing out your loved ones home. Our declutterers and downsizers have a team of professionals who will properly and carefully pack the items you have decided to move to your new place or put into a storage unit. Items are packed in protective materials and handled with care.

Packing Help for Seniors, Self Storage Solutions in the GTA

After assessing which items will be moved into your house and which items will be moved to a storage facility, we will discuss the options and pricing for size, type, and location of your storage unit. Your Next Steps Inc. is partnered up with several storage facilities to ensure you receive the best cost on your monthly fees. The monthly fees will be the responsibility of the client, however; we will ensure your contents are delivered and unloaded into the unit carefully and thoughtfully.

Things to Consider When Deciding on a Storage Unit

  • Do you need high security at the facility?
  • Do you need a climate controlled unit?
  • What is the timeframe you will need the unit for?
  • Do you need insurance for your contents?
  • How much space do you need in actuality?
  • What type of accessibility do you need to the unit?
  • Do you need the unit to be close to where you live?
  • What is your monthly budget?

All of the above items will affect the cost of the type of unit you will rent. After we review the above items with you, we will search to find the best option based on your needs and cost. It’s no surprise that storing those special items in a family member’s home or bringing them to the next place of residence is the most cost-effective way of dealing with them. We will work with you to figure out the best solution for you and your loved one.

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