Senior Moving and Unpacking Services

We at Your Next Steps Inc. are CTRS certified, meaning we have all of the education and experience necessary to properly assist residents of the Greater Toronto Area with late life relocation. The actual moving component is just one of many actions taking place during the relocation process.

Senior Moving Company in Toronto, Mississauga, OakvilleMoving Before You Sell Your Home

Our senior moving services happen during one or two times periods. The first time period is if you or your loved one are moving into a new facility ahead of the home sale. This type of move is done after the downsizing, decluttering, auctioning, and donation phase. Our professional movers have experience in helping seniors carefully transport their cherished belongings to their new residence or storage facility in an efficient manner.

A large part of our moving service is understanding the floor plan and furniture requirements for their residence. Once we understand what items will be moving to your next home, we pack and label accordingly. On the day of moving, we accompany our team of moving experts and begin to unpack and organize your items to create a sense of home immediately. This can include unpacking and organizing dishware, clothing, keepsakes, books, etc. Depending on your required level of involvement from Your Next Steps, we can help with all aspects of the moving and unpacking – that is always up to you.

Moving After The Sale of Your Home

A second time period for moving is after the sale of your home. This happens when the furniture and condition of the home are appropriate for the sale of the home. This also can happen if the client is comfortable with having people in and out of the home for home preparation and showings. Moving as a final practice is generally reserved for those who are excited or ready for their next move – we find these people to be less anxious during the entire process. Moving after an agreement of purchase and sale is firm and binding can take a much longer time due to closing times. This is a non-rushed approach and gives the client and family members time to say a proper goodbye to a place they have often spent the majority of their lives.

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