Home Sale Preparation & Staging

Home Sale Preparation Services, Staging a Home for SaleThere are a variety home sale preparation tactics we can take to make sure your home stands out! We have had nothing short of top-tier success when preparing and selling homes because of our commitment to doing things the right way and our 10 years of real estate experience.

In our changing real estate landscape, we either find ourselves in a buyers or seller’s market but rarely a balanced one. At Your Next Steps Inc., we believe that regardless of the market, your home should be prepared in every way possible to ensure we get the highest potential sale price!

How Our Home Sale Preparation Service Works

During our initial assessment of the home, we will decide what repairs are necessary for a safe sale. Most minor repairs are covered by our team and will include things like painting, bathroom freshening up, cleaning, yard work and handyman repairs. Repairs will be completed after the cleanup from decluttering, downsizing, auctioning, donating, removing, packing and storing. It is easiest for us to begin on a home that has been cleared out but we understand that some homes need immediate repairs; our team will attend to these homes accordingly.

We Paint Your Home

Painting is almost always necessary for a home that has been lived in for many many years. In past decades wallpaper and dark colours were the trends, nowadays, a light and airy feel is preferred by buyers (of all ages). Lighter colours give the illusion of a bigger space and much more welcoming.

It is easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your space if the colours are more in line with their paint selection. The new buyers will be attracted to a home that is not only painted and cleaned but a home that is decorated the way that they prefer.

We Stage Your Home to Sell (Fast)

Home Staging is one of the most important phases of our home sale preparation process. Our home staging costs are all covered in your one-time fee and can add tens of thousands in sale price dollars when done correctly. Our team and partners of staging experts will help to make your home look photo finish ready.

Many of our homeowners have personal items, be them familial or religious items that may not suit the attitudes or interests of the prospective buyers. The staging team will make sure to create an environment where new buyers can see themselves and not see the past owner – everyone wants it to feel like it’s ‘their’ home.

Staging a house for sale may mean coming in with all new furniture or just bringing in additional items that will help to accent the beautiful existing features and furniture. This will be determined after we evaluate the home and talk with you and your loved one about what makes you feel most comfortable.

We use trusted, experienced home stagers at a variety of companies depending on which stager suits your home best. Our house staging crews are comprised of compassionate people who understand that changing the style of you or your loved one’s home might be emotionally exhausting. We at Your Next Steps will work together in the staging phase with companies such as ‘Design to Impress’ ‘Toronto Condo Staging’ and ‘Modern Staging’ to make for a caring and respectful environment; making you feel comfortable is of utmost importance.

Professional Listing Photos & Marketing Material

When the home is finally repaired, painted, cleaned and staged we have the best real estate photographers in the Greater Toronto Area come and capture your home in its best light. Our photography packages often include a floor plan expert and virtual tours to help with showing the property off online to persuade the buyers to come and see the home in person.

Once you or your loved ones home looks perfect, we will be ready to create marketing material that is distributed through the correct channels to the appropriately targeted demographic. Our marketing materials will help to spawn interest with those who have been looking for a home just like yours.

We will stop at nothing to make sure that your home sells for top dollar!

Let us help walk you through our home sale preparation service, start to finish. Fill out the form below to get in touch.