Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services are included in your sales package?

A. All services found on our website are included in our all inclusive plan. Not everyone will require all of our services, each plan will be specifically tailored to the individual. The majority of YNS Consultations will include homecare facility review, home purchasing, cleaning, storing, packing, auctioning, donating, unpacking, home sale preparation & minor repairs and home sale in our standard package.

Q. Are there any services that are at an additional cost?

A. We do provide additional services that are tailored to your individual needs. Our additional services include movers, shopping, and continued occupational care beyond our initial assessment visit.

Q. How Long does the entire process take?

A. Each situation depends on the willingness of the homeowner to participate. We’ve found that with the right support of family members and clients, we can have the home fully prepared and our client(s) successfully moved into their new residence within 3 months or less.

Q. Why should we use your company? How do I know I’m in good hands?

A. Our team at Your Next Steps Inc. is experienced, accredited and insured. Our team members include: Licensed Occupational Therapists, Certified Home Care Consultants, Professional Project Managers, Senior Real Estate Specialists and Certified Transition and Relocation Specialists.

Q. What does the service or services cost?

A. We provide a full service package for a one time fee with no upfront costs. The final amount is payable upon the completion of the process.