Toronto Senior Downsizing & Decluttering Services

Decluttering, purging, and letting go of the belongings in your home you can’t bring with you when you move into your retirement home is easier said than done. Often the first step in the moving process, we understand it’s also the most emotional. Our senior downsizing experts are here to ensure your parents have a smoother and worry-free experience with unparalleled attention to detail, empathy, and understanding.

Downsizing for Seniors

Downsizing for seniors is the process of sorting, decluttering, and disposing of (by donating or selling) old furniture, clothing, and other possessions that they either won’t have space for when they move or that are no longer useful or safe to keep at home. 

Senior citizens can find any type of change stressful and emotional, especially if they’re moving out of their family home and into retirement living. It’s important for us during this time to empathize with the individual that we’re not only dealing with material things, but with decades of precious memories shared with loved ones.

The Benefits of Senior Downsizing 

Downsizing can be beneficial to anyone’s health and wellness, regardless of age. Getting rid of any baggage or unnecessary clutter plays a pivotal role as we ease into the next stages of our life. For seniors, it can actually be a fun and heartwarming experience if they are given enough time to go through old boxes and reminisce on the memories within.

From a practical perspective, the goal of senior downsizing is to minimize obstructions from the most commonly used areas at home. It lowers the risk of falls or accidents, which is critical for the safety of elderly people living alone. Decluttering simplifies the floorplan, meaning less maintenance, less cleaning, and less upkeep. In addition, valuable furniture, clothing sold to consignment stores, and other collectables or excess storage items could produce income for the client if appraised properly.

How Can Toronto Downsizing Experts Like Us Help You? 

Downsizing is a crucial step when moving to a new home, whether it be a furnished retirement home, a smaller condo, or a nursing facility. The hardest part of this process is categorizing what you really need to keep, what you want to keep, and what you don’t need can be a daunting task. 

Let us help you with the less desirable tasks and get you organized for a successful move! Our senior downsizing experts are trained to work with families to assess each individual item on its value, and what can be donated, sold, or disposed of. We guarantee an efficient and hassle-free process while assuring loved ones that we have their best interest in mind.

Our Services Can’t Be Beat by Other Toronto Downsizing Companies 

We are a cut above the rest with our personalized services for downsizing in Toronto. Your Next Steps Inc. is CTRS certified, which means we have the education and experience necessary to properly assist residents of the Greater Toronto Area with late-life relocation.

We’re here to help you every step of the way with our full-service senior living transitions. 

These services include:

Retirement Living Consultation 

The consultation process takes place with one of our occupational therapists who will help you choose a retirement home or prepare a safe living environment for your elderly loved ones to ensure they can continue to live happily and independently.

Content and Estate Sales 

Our senior downsizing experts lovingly guide and work with the homeowners or appraisers in assessing items that are of value, which can be donated, sold or disposed of to achieve results that will keep everyone happy while preserving the integrity of the items and the style of home.

Packing and Storage Solutions 

Packing and storing is the second step after decluttering, downsizing, and organizing your belongings. Our experts have effective techniques that will ensure the best, most cost-effective packing and storage solutions for you in a way that makes it easy in the future to navigate through your stuff and find what you are looking for.

Moving and Unpacking 

Before the move, we always refer to a copy of the floor plans for the retirement home or nursing facility in order to develop a fully-integrated decluttering and organizing plan. This helps us decide which items we should let go of and which ones we can make space for in your new place. Having the floor plan gives us a clearer picture of things like if a dining room table will fit or a small card table will be sufficient.

Start Downsizing & Decluttering Today! 

At Your Next Steps Inc., our job is to make sure that your elderly family members and loved ones have a positive and comfortable transition to retirement living. For inquiries about our senior downsizing services in Toronto, please contact us today!