Our Downsizing Services

Let’s get started! Learn more about our downsizing services: relocation, packing & moving, decluttering and more. YNS is here to help you every step of the way.
Retirement Living Consultation

Retirement Living Consultation

Our in-house Occupational Therapist will meet with you and/or your loved one to determine the most appropriate and safe place to live. Whether it be a house, condo, retirement home or long-term care, we will consider health, safety, interests, and location!
Decluttering & Downsizing - Your next steps

Downsizing Service for Seniors

The main aspect of decluttering and downsizing is purging your home of the things that you don’t need without getting rid of the things you do need. We are here to help with the physical and emotional aspect as we all know letting go of our stuff is like letting go of memories.
Content Sales (Auction, Donation, Removal) - Your next steps

Toronto Content Sales

We will arrange a content sale (also known as an estate sale or an auction) held at your home. This auction will not only help to clear out space in your home, can also result in additional money (cash in hand) for the owner and if you are open to it, donating your old property to someone in need.
Packing & Storage Solution

Packing & Storage Solutions

Packing and storing is a necessary component of cleaning and clearing out the home in preparation for the house going on the market. Our team of professionals will carefully pack the items you have decided to bring to your new home and/or put them into a storage unit facility.
Moving/Unpacking - Your next steps

Senior Moving Service

We are CTRS certified. This means we have all of the education and experience necessary to properly assist in late life relocation including the moving and unpacking in your new home. We will handle all of your items with with the utmost care. We treat your contents like they were ours!
Home Sale Preparation Service

Home Sale Preparation Service

We find ourselves in a buyers or sellers market but rarely a balanced one. We believe that regardless of the market, your home should be prepared in every way possible to ensure we get the highest potential sale price! We will do minor repairs and stage your home to ensure we get you that value!
Senior Real Estate Service

Senior Real Estate Service

Selling you or your loved one’s home for the greatest profit is our number one objective. All of the home preparation in the world counts for nothing if you do not have a seasoned, professional real estate agent to properly represent and negotiate the best price for the sale of your home.

Homecare Therapy for Seniors

We focus on the safety and emotional care of our clients through occupational therapy. Initial assessments and follow up visits will be made as required. Our Occupational Therapist will provide assessments to ensure the most appropriate environment selected.