Decluttering & Downsizing

The main aspect of decluttering and downsizing is purging your home of the things you don’t need without getting rid of the things you do need. Much easier said than done and our Senior Downsizing Specialists are here to help.

Downsizing Help for Seniors in Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa

Decluttering is a process in which we remove the excess, useless, trivial objects to make way for a cleaner look when selling the home. It is often the first step in preparing for a move or the sale of a home. The owners of the home are able to live in the home throughout this process, as we want to make this as easy on you and your loved ones as possible as we prepare the home for selling.

Our Ability to Declutter & Downsize is Unmatched

Our seasoned professionals will lovingly work with the homeowners or executors to maximize results while preserving the integrity of the items and style of home.

Decluttering is also a term used interchangeably with organizing.

We feel our methods of organizing will best suit your needs. Our professionals have had years of experience on how to group, pack, organize and store your items in a way that makes it easy in the future to navigate through your stuff and find what you are looking for!

Why is Downsizing Important?

Downsizing is an important part of psychologically moving onto your next stage in life. Although giving up items (memories) that you or your loved ones have collected throughout the years can be difficult as well as liberating!

Understanding what you need and what has simply stacked up over the years is where we are able to step in and help. Our experts will assess with you and your family members which items are of value, what can be donated, sold or disposed of. Downsizing is also a crucial step when moving to the new facility, be it a furnished retirement home, a smaller condo or nursing facility.

We make sure to get floor plans for the home you or your loved one(s) will be moving to so we can understand the new space and what furniture and belongings will fit! Having the floor plans will allow us to determine if a double or queen size bed will fit, if a dining room table or small card table will be sufficient. Perhaps you have more than one television which may be overwhelming and useless in your new home. Selling, donating or disposing of these various types of items can positively affect the entire process of decluttering and downsizing.