Homes 4 Hope

We believe that a safe place to call home can bring hope for the future.

Your Next Steps Inc. is pleased to be a part of the ever-growing nonprofit Homes 4 Hope. A program with a mission of forming partnerships with builders and trade partners to create income generating projects and strengthen communities by alleviating poverty for families in developing countries around the world.

We are passionate about this great cause because it ties directly into the core mission of our business – helping families create a safe and loving place to call home for their future. As avid travelers, we understand the need to help other families from all walks of life by providing them the same opportunities we are so fortunate to have here in Canada.

Watch this video for a sneak peek into what Homes 4 Hope is doing to help families and to learn more about the people that make it all possible.

How does Your Next Steps contribute?

A portion of our proceed earnings goes directly to helping families overseas who are looking for a place to call home. Each year, we contribute enough money to pay for the construction of one home. And we are hoping to build more homes each year with your continued support. Throughout our journey, we will keep you updated with information, photos and stories of the homes we help build together. Your Next Steps translates into the next steps for deserving families around the world.

Want to get involved?

There are many ways to show your support and get involved with this amazing cause. Homes 4 Hope is always looking for volunteers to help on all scales of the program, including:

  • Building a home overseas;
  • Referring a builder;
  • Joining the prayer team;
  • Becoming a donor; or
  • Attending an event.

To learn more about how you can help involved, click here.