Whether your elderly relatives are preparing to move into your home, downsizing to a smaller house more suitable for their needs, or transitioning into a retirement home community, it can be a difficult new change for everyone involved. Here are our top tips for helping seniors move into their new home and feed good about it!

Tip 1: Choose the Right Home

The first step in the relocation process may very well be the most challenging and essential one: choosing the right retirement home.  

When appraising a retirement home, take the location into account. Is it close to your house? Is it spacious enough? Is the staff friendly and welcoming? Are the medical experts skilled enough? Is their healthcare program suitable for your relatives? Do they offer amenities and recreational activities that will enrich the mind and body? Does the food offer both proper nutrition and palatableness? And most importantly, do your parents feel comfortable there?   

Make this essential step easier by recruiting the help of the experts. By hiring a retirement consulting service, you will be able to get great advice about the best retirement homes around. 

Clothes separated into donation and keep piles

Tip 2: Declutter Before Moving

Whether it’s downsizing or moving into a retirement home that we’re talking about, decluttering is unavoidable. Over time, people’s possessions will naturally accumulate. Now that your parents are moving into a new chapter, it is time to decide which things they should keep and which ones are ready to be given away. 

Separate the things into categories of items that you will keep and others that you will be donating or giving away. If you need it, keep it. If it carries a lot of sentimental value, keep it. However, if the item has served its purpose and can be of use to others, it’s best to give it away.     

Letting go of things with sentimental value could pose a challenge, but it will be so much easier if you give them to someone who will cherish them and put them to good use.  

Tip 3: Plan Transportation Accordingly

Oftentimes, older adults find it challenging to sit through long drives or travel far distances. Others may need occasional stops in between, while some may require professional medical transportation, depending on their particular needs. 

If your senior relative or loved one will be moving far distances, like from one province to another, make sure to ask them when they need to stretch their legs or want to stop for a snack or bathroom break.

In case taking a flight is the best option, book a direct flight for optimal comfort. Moving from one flight to another could be exhausting for the elderly, most especially if they have mobility issues. When booking a flight, you can let them know if you have any requests for special seating arrangements or gate navigation assistance.  

In the event that your elderly loved one needs a little extra medical attention, you can inquire with senior-focused transportation companies. Their services are specifically tailored to help transport those with oxygen tanks or wheelchairs. 

A woman hanging pictures on a wall

Tip 4: Help Make It Feel Like Home

Moving to an entirely new environment can be tough because frankly, change can be difficult to grasp for anyone. Make your loved one feel reassured by showing them that this is a positive change. Organize and decorate their new space to make it feel as cozy and homey as possible. Use familiar furniture, photos, and other trinkets to transform the place into a new home with touches of warm familiarity. 

Life is full of surprises, and that’s what keeps things interesting and beautiful. However, innovating to a certain routine that fits you best would help you stay healthy and organized. Help your loved ones create a daily routine so that they can walk in step with something that enriches their lifestyle. In the routine, it’s best to ensure that it contains activities that require them to do exercise, interact with other residents, and express their creativity. 

Tip 5: Find Ways to Make Them Smile

Happiness is the main ingredient in people’s health. If you’re genuinely happy, everything else follows. Show your parents that you’re there for them by visiting them on a regular basis. Take their grandkids to see them often and tell them stories about your day. Ask them about their day. Help them find a new hobby. Cook with them. Go on vacations with them. Ask for their advice. Give them advice. Call them frequently. 

Just be there and at the same time, encourage them to make new connections. If they’re happy, they’ll be more at ease in their new home.   

Need Help?

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