The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has the world living in strange circumstances. Our lifestyles have transformed into something we only imagined could happen in the movies. Regardless of this, self-quarantining is an essential step that we all need to take in order to flatten the curve of the pandemic. No matter how extreme it may seem, abiding by the rules of temporary quarantine can effectively eradicate the virus. It’s a small price to pay to beat this thing, and if we work together, it could happen sooner than expected. 

In line with this, staying safe is step 1. Finding ways to keep ourselves busy and sane while we’re in isolation is step 2. Seniors in particular may tend to experience feelings of loneliness during this challenging and confusing time. They need to keep busy and focus on their physical and mental health.  

The World Health Organization has replaced the term “social distancing” with “physical distancing”, and for obvious reasons. We need to practice being physically distant, but not being socially distant. 

People may be in lockdown for now, but that doesn’t mean that we should waste the days by feeling lonely. Even indoors, there’s always something to do to feel better. With this simple guide of indoor activities, the seniors in your life wouldn’t have time to feel lonely. 

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Online Connectivity

Quarantining away from your loved ones can be difficult, but there are several ways to stay in touch. If you are currently away from your senior citizen grandparents or parents, make sure to reach out to them on a regular basis. Let them know how you’re doing and let them know that you’re there for them. Phone calls, video calls, social media, and instant messaging are the safest ways to stay connected right now. Letting them see your face and hear your voice would undoubtedly help give them a sense of comfort and reassurance.   

Podcasts and Audiobooks

There is nothing more relaxing than kicking your feet up while listening to a good podcast or audiobook. This is definitely an effective way to banish boredom for seniors. 


Exercising is vital for both the mind and body. There are several types of exercises that are great for senior citizens. Going for a walk, stretching, Tai Chi, and other mild exercises will do wonders for the seniors in your life. 

Learn a DIY Hack

Diving into the creative world of arts and crafts is a soothing activity for people of any age. The possibilities are endless. You can send your grandparents DIY videos for decorating tea lights, knitting socks, no bake brownies, or even  tree ornaments making tutorials (it’s never too early to prepare your Christmas tree decorations). Make it even more fun by doing these activities together over a video call! 

Art has a way of calming the soul, so it’s a fool proof way to fight off loneliness.

Care for a plant

While most people think the only way to solve loss of companionship is with an animal, like a cat or a dog, this isn’t always practical for people. Caring for an animal can be difficult and often can create more unwanted stress in someone’s life. An easy way to help create a connection for people who might be lonely, is with another living being, like a plant. 

 Planting a flower, plant, or herbs in your kitchen will have a way of lifting your spirit. It would be refreshing to see something grow beautifully despite these trying times. Not only do plants help clean up the air around you, they also provide you with a sense of routine and companionship. 

For more tips on how to pick the perfect plant for your loved ones home, check out a guide here.

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Many of us have homes wherein we can keep ourselves safe during the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who don’t have this yet. We have proudly become part of the non-profit organization, HOMES 4 HOPE, which aims to build homes for people in developing countries. We believe that having a safe place to call home can bring hope for the future. Click here to learn about how you can help us reach our goal.