If you thought that women missing out on career opportunities due to the child rearing years was unfair, just wait…

With the majority of boomer women having to take on the lion’s share of the work with their aging parents, it is inevitable that employers will have the same hesitation in hiring or keeping employees who have aging parents in an elderly state who rely on their children for care giving (in most cases their female children).

According to “Women’s Next Big Fight”, a Global News segment that outlined the financial inequality between men and women in their baby boomer years (people born between early-mid 1940’s- 1964), women are still bearing the brunt of the caregiving for their parents in an industry that costs Canadians 33 billion dollars annually.

We at Your Next Steps offer a solution to the problem of inequality; we offer you a complete plan that allows women still in the thick of their careers the freedom to continue working without absence.

As working women ourselves, we understand how important and rewarding our careers are. We know taking too much time off puts our advancement opportunities and financial stability at risk. Your Next Steps is devoted to making sure all of the hard decisions are laid out with ease. We take responsibility for the time consuming processes and we have your parents best health interests at the forefront of it all. You can have it all and we can help.

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